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On February 8,2000, LPEA Officer Scottie Anderson made a presentation at the school board meeting for LaPorte regarding the TSTA drive for state funded health insurance. After her presentation, all of the school board members, superintendent John Sawyer, administrators and members of the audience signed the petition. This kicks off the local LPEA drive and petitions are now being circulated throughout our buildings. If you haven't signed, please contact your building AR or email us at windberg2@aol.com and we will make sure someone contacts you.
In the quest to try and find solutions for LaPorte School District's financial woes, an audit was conducted by an outside firm paid by the district. The findings of this audit were briefly discussed at the last school board meeting on February 22,2000. Representives who conducted the audit gave information to the board who stated that they were seeking ways to save 3-4 million dollars in the upcoming few years. For several months now, Superintendent Dr. John Sawyer has been discussing the financial problems the district faces if intervention from the state is not soon received. LPISD falls victim to the Robin Hood Plan for state school funding. The district currently gives to million to other districts. Dr. Sawyer has stated that if relief is not soon received the district could become insolvent in the next 4 years.
The detailed audit information passed out by the auditors was not available to audience members, however it was noted that staff cuts could be one way to raise the needed funds. In particular it was noted that the Maintenance Department by comparison with other districts was overstaffed by 11. Other departments were staff cuts were mentioned was Technology, Business office and teaching positions at the high school which could occur should the current block scheduling be changed.
LPEA hopes to bring you more information on this situation as details become available. This is an issue which all of us should take seriously. Please contact your local state representatives immediately with your request that they help our district. And remember, you are part of a group of people that will help fight for us ALL to keep our jobs.
Keep an eye out for the inaugural issue of THE DOOR, the newsletter for the LaPorte Education Association. We hope to bring you this newsletter on a quarterly basis. And we need your input. Articles from all members are welcome. Please email windberg2@aol.com for comments, articles and any other information. We hope you enjoy the newsletter.